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Choosing An Agent and Price

In today’s competitive marketplace, selling your home can seem like a daunting task. We will ensure that you maximize your opportunities in the current real estate market. With our extensive contact networks that we have developed through the many national and international organizations, of which we are members, as well as our current and past clients, we will employ the most effective marketing and advertising strategies for your property. We will also guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial agreement to the final documents.

*Look for a full-time agent – one who has experience completing transactions similar to yours.

*Ask for a list of references from previous buyer clients and properties they have sold similar to those you seek.

*Choose an agent who listens attentively to your needs and concerns. Pick an agent, with whom you feel comfortable.

What to expect from JMR:
We are dedicated to making sure you understand the buying process and feel confident with every aspect of the transaction. Jon Mendelson, Realtors® will:
• Help you determine your ideal property criteria
• Supply you with updated lists of properties that fit your criteria
• Advise you based on our thorough knowledge of the market
• Guide you to make good decisions about buying property
• Skillfully write and negotiate the sales contract
• Maintain timely communication with you throughout the transaction
• Process the sale from contract to settlement